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Virtual Organizing

What is virtual organizing? It’s much like in-person organizing, in that you are able to work on the “hot spots” in your home with a professional organizer. 

A lot of in-person organizing involves asking questions about the why’s and how’s and what’s of your space. I will work along side you in figuring out your your individual organizing style, your goals for the space, and how to marry those two things together in a system that is easiest for you to maintain. 

How does this work?  We will schedule a free 20-minute initial video consultation. If we both decide this is a good fit, we will schedule a 60 minute organizing session. Payment will be made through Venmo or a credit card when you schedule. 

At our work session, we will connect through Zoom or FaceTime and I will talk you through the steps of decluttering and organizing. If you are open to it, I will give you homework so you can progress on your own after we’re done.


Who is a good candidate for a virtual organizing session? Normally, the client and I do the physical work together in decluttering and organizing a space. In a virtual session, you must either be physically able to do the lifting and moving yourself, or have a friend to help during the session. 

Where? Your home sweet home, wherever in the country it might be! This is the beauty of virtual organizing. It won’t matter if you live in St. Louis, St. Paul or St. Croix. And no one has to knock on your door. I’m just a click away. 

When? Because this is virtual, it opens up more opportunity on the calendar. If your best widow of time is from 8:00 to 9:00 pm after the kids go to bed, then we can do that. We will have to consider time zones, of course, but it is much more flexible than in-person organizing. I promise I won’t show up in my jammies! :)

Why? We already hit on the time and distance benefits, but the other benefits are

  • Cost saving. Virtual organizing is 15% less than an in-person session. 

  • Condensed time. In-person sessions are at least three hours. Virtual is only one hour working together. Homework may be given to continue the progress.

  • Enhanced learning. In any organizing, we talk through the “why” of what we are doing, focusing on how it works with your organizing style. As you do that work yourself, there is a greater transfer of skills. 

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