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What to Expect

  • There is a free phone consultation of about 20 to 30 minutes to discuss your thoughts, goals, and needs.

  • If we agree that our services and your needs are a good fit, we may schedule an in-home assessment. This takes up to an hour. (fees below applied)

  • No need to tidy before we arrive. We want to see exactly how you live to better decipher your needs and how we can best solve the trouble spots. Don’t worry - there is no judgement.  We get it!

  • If we schedule an in-home assessment first, I will tour your space taking notes to create a personalized plan in simple steps.

  • Like any good HGTV show, we will discuss budget and timeline. I certainly don’t like surprises in these areas and I’m sure you don’t either.

  • Be assured all communication is confidential and I am bound by and follow the NAPO Code of Ethics.   

The Day of Our Work Session

  • Be well rested, eat a good breakfast, and take any vitamins and medications you usually do. The organizing steps may be simple, but the work is not. :)

  • The session begins as soon as we arrive and stops when we walk out the door.

  • I will keep the time for our session. We will wrap up 15 minutes before the end to review the work, schedule a next session (if needed) and receive payment.

  • I love children. I love pets. However, for the safety of both, they should not be allowed in the work area. Please arrange for their care while we are working together.

  • Please defer any non-emergency phone calls until after our session.

  • Smoking is not allowed while we work.


  • I like to keep things simple, so there is the same $75.00 hourly fee for the in-home assessment (if needed) as well as the organizing work. The consultation fee is taken off the bill of the first three-hour session.  

  • For most jobs there is up to a one-hour assessment and a three-hour minimum of work.

  • For larger jobs, a team of organizers may be considered. Fees will increase in accord with the number of organizers needed.

  • Payment will be due at the end of each session. I will respect your time and your budget by working only within the agreed upon window of time. You may pay by check or credit card. (Insufficient fund charge of $35.00 as well as any additional collection of any bank charges will apply if necessary.)

  • Travel of up to 20 miles each way is included at no additional charge.


“The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes.”

- Harold B. Lee

What to Expect
The Day of Our Work Session
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