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Blow, blow thou winter wind!

Buttoning up for fall/winter

It’s getting cooler now. Just like we need to button up our jackets these days, we need to button up our homes to prepare for the season change. Here is a brief check list:

  1. Clear you gutters. Gutters divert the water away from your home. Get all the leaves and debris out to keep from having major repairs to the foundation of your house. (Gutter guards can save you a lot of time and expense.)

  2. Make sure tree limbs are not touching your house. Not only do touching limbs invite critters to make your house their home, they can rub against your house when the wind blows and scratch the paint. Limbs touching your house can also wick moisture to your siding and encourage mold growth.

  3. Give your heating system a test run before it turns cold and replace your air filters.

  4. Insulate any exterior pipes (crawl spaces, attics, exterior walls). Foam pipe insulation can be found in any hardware store. It’s so inexpensive and easy and can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding burst pipes.

  5. Drain your garden hose and shut off the water supply to outside spigots.

  6. Winterize your sprinkler system and pool or spa.

  7. Give your car a run through the carwash. Spring for the wax job, too. Washing off the salty residue of winter roads will help protect and preserve the exterior (resulting in greater trade-in value.) Other than a home, your car is most likely your biggest investment. It only makes sense to protect it from the elements as much as possible.

  8. Sweep out the garage while the weather is still in your favor. Navigating around a car in bulky winter clothing is so much easier if you’ve made sure all the trash and debris are out before the weather turns cold.

  9. Spread some weed and feed on your lawn. You can do this four times a year, but you definitely want to check this off the list in the spring and fall.

  10. Cover patio furniture and outside grills.

  11. Inspect weather stripping around the doors.

  12. Inspect windows for any cracks or loose glazing. Lock the windows tight.

Now that you’re all buttoned up, pour a mug of warm cider, put a log on the fire and enjoy the season!

Laura ~ your organizing girlfriend

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