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Out of Work!

I went into the house, knowing that decluttering/organizing was not this woman’s idea. Her mom had set this up. She was a single mom of two boys in a high-stress profession. Her life was pretty full. She knew the house was disorganized, but she didn’t know where to start and didn’t have the time to figure it out on her own. After touring the home and talking about what was working, what wasn’t and what the goal might be, we started in. Although this might not have been her idea, she was AMAZING at making quick decisions on what to donate, keep, toss, recycle. In the first three-hour session we completely transformed the toy room and dining room. She was hooked!

In our next session, we talked more about how they were using their spaces. They had a lovely kitchen, open to a great room, but they didn’t spend time in that room. They had a lot of games and puzzles and toys on the shelves flanking the fireplace with a TV above. But they didn’t watch TV there. Her oldest son usually went downstairs to watch TV while she and her younger son took the games and puzzles to the dining room table to play. There was nothing great  about their great room. They didn’t live in their living room. They were not spending family time in their family room. It was essentially a storage room for a mid-century modern couch and some games.

When we went downstairs, where the TV was used, it was clear to me why this dynamic was in place. The downstairs area was fully carpeted with an “L-shaped” comfy couch and a coffee table to put your feet up. THIS was a room you could relax in.

We talked again about what was working, what was not and goals for the family. She hadn’t really thought about why the family was separated into their own zones. I suggested getting a large area rug for that great room. It would soften the space and give a place for play that was not directly on hardwood floor.

Over the next few weeks we continued to work through the house room by room, decluttering closets and cabinets and drawers. On our final day, she excitedly showed me the large area rug she purchased that was now in the great room. She was beaming as she talked about how much better the room looked and felt and how they were starting to spend time in there together now. As I left, we set a time to have a check-up appointment in six months.

Last week was that check-up. The house still looked great. All the systems we put in place were still working. We tweaked the playroom (because kids’ needs change) but all in all, it was very much as we left it six months earlier. She talked about how life changing this process was for her family. How much easier it was to live in the house. How much they loved and used their great room now as a family. At one point, we needed a bit of tape. She popped right up and said, “I know where that is, because I still have this great drawer in the kitchen for that!”

You guys. I realized at that point that I had worked myself out of a job. . . and I couldn’t be happier. The house was working for them.

This was literally life changing for us!

If you, too, are ready to make your home work for you, please reach out! It’s my job to work myself out of a job, one home at a time. I’d love to partner with you in my quest for unemployment. :)

Much love!

Laura ~ your organizing girlfriend

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