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Small Steps/Big Goals

“Everything worth doing is both big and small at the same time.”1

What are you doing that is both big and small? For me, starting a small business means big responsibilities. Making sure the details of the day are done well moves you toward big goals. Whether you are driving a truck, teaching a class or nursing a baby, the small steps you take along the way move the world. Sometimes you see the results quickly, other times it might take you years or even decades to see the fruits of your labor.

As you declutter and organize your home, you are probably doing it in baby steps. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, a drawer here, a counter top there. It all adds up to big changes in the way you live. Breathe deeply and keep putting one foot in front of the other. If you need to go through your books or music, just tell yourself you’ll only tackle one shelf today. Put a box or bag in your car so you can donate unwanted items as you do other errands. As you fill up the recycling bin, get it out to the curb. These are all small steps, but it is moving you to a much larger goal:

A Simple Life.

A life that frees you to be all you were meant to be. No longer weighed down by the collection of things. Organizing and decluttering is not only a process, it’s a lifestyle. Do you need the t-shirts to remind you that you were on a certain team in school? Do you keep all the books you’ve ever owned? Which ones touched you so deeply that you read them over and over? Keep those! How many sheet sets do you need in the linen closet? (How many beds do you have?) If you haven’t used your croquet set in 30 years, perhaps it’s time to get it out of the garage? (Guilty!!!!) Declutter just one thing today.

A series of small simple steps will get you to your bigger goal.

You can do this. I’m rooting for you!

Laura ~ your organizing girlfriend.

1Mike Rowe podcast #219 The Way I Heard It

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