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A journey toward minimalism

I write a lot about simplifying in our homes, but I was not always tuned in to this way of thinking. The shift occurred about eight years ago when we downsized into our forever home (God willing).

When we are first on our own, we have so little. We gather and gather to make our homes more comfortable, beautiful, functional. In our case, much of it was through garage sales. We found some real treasures in those days. The hunt was half the fun! It also fit with the way I was raised, Frugality was to be prized and praised.

So we gathered to fill our spartan home. As the children came along, more things were needed.

After about twenty years, we curated a pretty comfortable home. Over the years and various moves, the square footage grew and I aimed to make each space a place of welcome and beauty. The last home we lived in was rented, a parsonage of sorts. It was big and lovely and we used it well as a sort of bed and breakfast to anyone who needed a spot. (One summer there were only four days in which we did not have company!) While we loved that opportunity, we also knew that the days were growing close for the need to buy our own home, one we could grow old in. We found a cute little ranch that was half the square footage. HALF (gulp!)

That’s when the great purge began. It was the spring of extreme changes. Our youngest was getting married and our oldest was moving away. We still had all their stuffed animals and toys in the full walk-up attic and their bikes and little red wagon in the basement. The large bed-and-breakfast house had a multitude of shelves and places to decorate and I had all the storage for tchotchkes to do so at every season. Our little ranch had just a garage and a few storage shelves in the basement. The purge was ruthless, or so I thought.

After the move, the unpacking stage soon revealed that we still had too much “stuff”. Yet another “ruthless purge” ensued. Today I have storage shelves that hold all the things that were in the basement and attic that we still need and use on occasion. There are even empty spaces! (See picture below) I have another shelf for the tchotchkes that survived two purges. I have kept only those that I love and want to use often. Lower shelves in the family room house the best of the old toys for the grandkids. For the life of me, I can’t remember a thing that I gave away. I miss none of it.

This is my minimalist journey. Everyone has their own path to forge. Minimalism is not about depriving yourself, or having only the bare necessities. Instead, it is a path of consciously keeping only what supports your best life. It is a simplification of the “what” in life so you can focus on the “who, why and how”.

Pray for guidance and wisdom in this journey. Give yourself grace when you make mistakes. Ultimately, our home is not here and now, but with Jesus. As we wait for His return, it is my prayer that you can do so in peace and beauty and simplicity.

"Yikes" Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

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