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Family Command Center

Family Command Center:

I think we can make this post short and sweet. There isn’t a lot of mystery to solve on this one. Let’s make a list of items that would be on our wish list of things to have in a Family Command Center and why:

  1. The absolute MUST! - a calendar. One that has the whole year available. None of this “write down the numbers this month”. I mean, honestly, who lives month by month and writes the next month’s numbers down promptly at the beginning of the month. No, you need the whole year available to you so you can write down memos to yourself throughout the year, like, “Change the furnace filter” and when it is your turn to bring snacks to your child’s classroom. Make this calendar something you LOVE to look at. Either buy a calendar with something that excites you (puppies, Monet, whatever!) or create your own with photos from your photo roll . That’s what I have.

  2. Hooks for keys (and now masks)

  3. A shallow basket to hold invitations, checks for deposit, sports schedules etc. This can also hold a pen/pencil/chalk

  4. A chalkboard/white board for notes/meal planning

  5. Bulletin/Magnetic board for whatever you need tack up in sight (like a grocery list)

  6. Tiered wall file - one for each member of the family. (Remember, this is a wish list. It’s not a must, but I could sure see how this would keep everyone’s papers/life more organized.) I would recommend you start with a single shallow basket (see #3) and if you see a need to separate out papers, this may be the way to go.

So there you have it. You have a place for a master calendar, keys, meal planning board, papers, and shopping list.

Speaking of shopping lists, may I suggest that after you have your list written, you take a moment to re-write it on another piece in the order of the store, putting all like items together, produce, dairy/eggs, canned goods, baking items, etc. See if you can make it a game whereby you never have to backtrack on your way from the entrance to the checkout lanes. I’m all about making games out of mundane tasks.

So what do you think? What would you add to a Family Command Center? Put a note in the comments, two heads are better than one, and there are a lot of “heads” reading this note. If you have something that works for you, snap a picture and share it here. My command center is very simple. I’ve had it for decades and it works for us. The only thing “missing” is the shopping list, which resides on the fridge. Easy Peasy. Everyone has different needs. What are yours?

Laura ~ your organizing girlfriend

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