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Five Questions before you shop on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. I am not going to preach a “Never Prime Day” message, because, honestly, there are some good things to be purchased on these days. But, before you check out online, check out the these five questions regarding the aftermath of APD.

1. Where are you going to put this item? Everything you put in your home is an investment in time, space, and money. Not just the original outlay of money, but the money it will take to house it indefinitely. Things you use every day should be in the “prime real estate” in your home. Think of it like a grocery store. The things that sell best are on the eye-level shelves. That is the prime real estate in the aisle. The same goes for your home. There is only so much of this in any home. Does this Prime purchase need to go in a prime spot? If not, do you have space in the harder-to-get-to shelves/cabinets? What is the storage plan?

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. – Henry David Thoreau

2. Do you need this or are you getting this just because it’s on super sale? If the sale price is the driving force, then you’re not saving money if, in the end, you don’t use this item. As a professional organizer, I have taken SO MANY items to Goodwill with the sale tags still on. Yes, they were a good deal, but they ended up costing the owner much more in labor to declutter their home. And it’s a double cost when we are clearing these sorts of items out of a storage unit (rent and labor).

3. Are you shopping early for Christmas/birthdays? Way to plan ahead! Make sure you write down where you hid it, who it’s for, and when this gift will be given, so you don’t shop twice for this person/event. I have a friend who knew shorthand and wrote herself notes that way. Her kids could never decipher those notes. These days you could probably write in cursive with the same effect. If you are buying clothing as future gifts for kids, keep growth spurts in mind! If you are buying clothing as future gifts for kids, keep growth spurts in mind! It probably goes without saying that these gifts should already be on their want list. You don't want to buy something just to check off your "to do" list. There's nothing better than getting exactly what someone wants AND scoring a bargain at the same time!

4. If this is replacing something you already have, what is the plan to get rid of the original item? Can you toss, donate, or recycle the original? Make it your goal to have the original item out of your home before the new item is shipped. Go online to search for ways to recycle.  Follow the “one in/one out” rule to keep clutter at bay. And finally. . .

5. Will this add to the peace or the clutter in your home? A nice throw blanket may add  peace, but if this is the 25th blanket in the room, it’s just clutter. There should be space for things to breathe in your home. Clear spaces promote a sense of calm. Your eye should have a place to rest to better appreciate the other beauty in the room.

He who buys what he does not need, steals from himself. – Swedish Proverb

There you go! Happy Prime Day. Shop well. Shop wise. Or, think outside the Amazon box and don’t shop at all. Because you save 100% if you don’t buy anything. ;)

Much love!

Laura ~ your organizing girlfriend

Photo by Nik on Unsplash

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