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Moving Season!

I was recently called in to help a local move that was already in progress. The home owners had a medical emergency in the middle of closing on the house and needing to move. They had arranged packers and movers and I was to help unpack. In the stress of moving with little preparation due to the medical issue, opportunities were lost to make this a more peaceful transition. To that end, I offer you my top 20 tips for a peaceful move.

  1. If you can, donate/trash/recycle anything you do not want to move. (No sense paying more to pack and haul stuff you don’t want.)

  2. Measure the rooms in the new house to determine if and where your furniture will fit.

  3. Plan out furniture placement so it can be unloaded right to its proper place.

  4. Arrange to have cable/internet set up as close to moving day as possible.

  5. Fill out a change of address at the post office

  6. If you are hiring movers, you will most likely have to unhook washer/dryer/fridge for them.

  7. Pack the washing machine hoses inside the washer. You may want to buy new ones.

  8. Know if your new home has gas or electric dryer hook up and plan accordingly.

  9. You can pack light bulky items in the dryer (pillows, comforters etc.)

  10. Pack all computer equipment with their respective cords, chargers etc. (Keep phone chargers with you.)

  11. Once you have emptied out a cupboard/closet/drawer etc. put a small bit of painters tape on the outside to indicate that it is done. This will save time checking and rechecking each cabinet.

  12. Pack a suitcase with a few days worth of clothes and include any bathroom and medicine needs. Then you will have everything you need for a few days as you unpack.

  13. Pack a set a sheets in a dresser drawer. They will be right in the room where you need them when it’s time to set up the bed.

  14. Set up the beds early so when you are ready to collapse at the end of the day, your bed is ready.

  15. Pack some snacks and drinks to get you through until you can stop for a meal.

  16. Label SIDES of boxes, not just the tops, since they will most likely be stacked on top of each other.

  17. Consider color-coding boxes by room. You can buy a pack of muti-colored painters/masking tape and assign each room a color. It makes unloading much smoother.

  18. If you are moving some things into storage, Number each box and take a brief inventory. If you need something, you’ll know right where to look.

  19. “OPEN FIRST” boxes are helpful for those items you’ll want to get to right away. Either load these on the truck last or move them in your car to assure you’ll see them right away. This could include toilet paper, shower curtain, cleaning products, paper towels, coffee maker, dog dishes/food/hand soap

  20. Plants, computers, musical instruments, kids, pets: all of these should not go on the truck.

Change is a great and terrible thing, and people love it and hate it at the same time. Without change, however, you just don’t move.’ – Marc Jacobs

Moving is stressful and no move is perfect, so just pray and breathe through whatever goes wrong and keep going forward.

You can do this!

Laura ~ your organizing girlfriend.

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