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Shop 'till you drop? Why?

Retail therapy is real. It's so easy to buy a little something to make you feel better. Are you bored? Depressed? Lonely? "Things" don't fill that gap. Read a book (I love the library!), take a brisk walk, call a friend, pull some weeks, have some devotional time. (I have recommendations for this last one!)

Just don't shop. Or at least, don’t purchase. (It can be fun to just look!)

Before putting it the shopping cart, I ask myself, "Where will I put this in my house? How will I use it? Is it a legitimate need?" I need new socks. Mine are getting holes! I don't need a really cute set of dishes. I don't have the cupboard space.

A fellow organizer asks, "Do I love it? Need it? Use it?" when working with clients as they declutter. These are great questions. Before you buy, however, consider just asking these three questions - "Do I need it? Will I use it?" “Where will I put it?” You may save yourself a lot of money, not just in purchasing, but in having to hire a professional organizer to help you clear everything out one day. Well darn! Now I’ve gone and put myself out of business! Maybe that’s really my goal, to have everyone experience life in a peaceful, clutter-free environment.

In peace,

Laura, your organizing girlfriend

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