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Who's your friend?


Decluttering can be overwhelming at times. If you are having trouble deciding what you do and don’t want to keep, try playing the Friends/Acquaintances/Enemies game.

"True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils." - Baltasar Gracian

If you think of your possession as a Friend, something that you use frequently, that helps you move forward in life, then keep it. These items are your necessities. Your go-to items that keep you in line with your goals.

An acquaintance can be someone you spend every day with, but your interactions with them are shallow and superficial. A friend, however, is someone with whom you share a deeper level of communication. They feel comfortable enough around you to have a deep level of interaction.- up

If it an Acquaintance, something that you know you have, like, but don’t really need, or does not move you forward in the life you want to live. then that can be expendable. Keep only those Acquaintances that help you be the best version of you. Gifts and inherited items can fall into this category. Just because someone gave you at item, it does not represent a contract that you agree to keep it until Jesus returns. Be thankful for the sentiment it represents and let it be a blessing to someone else.

The meaning of ENEMY is one that is antagonistic to another; especially : one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent. - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

If you think of an item as an Enemy, then this is definitely something that you can toss/donate. These are items that hold you back. Items that are broken, or missing pieces, clothes/shoes that don’t fit or are worn out. It can even be something that works, but brings up negative feelings or memories. If it holds positive sentimental value, you can take a picture of it to remember it, but you don’t have to keep working around it in the valuable real estate that it is taking up in your home. In the words of Princess Elsa, “Let it go!”

Your home is a reflection of you. It is your sanctuary at the end of the day. It should bring you peace and joy. Home should contain only those things that bring out the best of you - who you are and aspire to become. Surround yourself with Friends and only the closest of Acquaintances.

If you need help, please reach out. Virtual organizing is now an option. I’m in your corner. You can do this!

Laura ~ your organizing girlfriend

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